Centered on God The Father

In our covenant relationship with Mary, she leads us to love for her Son. Because Christ and Mary are united as children of the Father in an outstanding way, they lead us in the Holy Spirit to God the Father.

Practical Faith in Divine Providence

In addition to the covenant of love, one of Schoenstatt’s most important messages for the world of today is practical faith in divine providence. This faith tells us that God the Father has a plan of love, wisdom, and omnipotence, and that everything that takes place in our lives is a part of this plan. We strive to believe and to let ourselves experience this truth very deeply. Like children, we go where the Father leads, alert and ready to respond to his wishes at every moment, just like the Blessed Mother did.

Father Kentenich – Our Spiritual Father

Father Kentenich had the pronounced mission to be a spiritual father for countless people, to embody the features of God the Father in his love, his mercy, his educative wisdom, and his faithfulness. Our deep, childlike relationship to our founder also secures our love for the heavenly Father.


Because we center on Mary as our Mother and God as our Father, the fundamental virtue of our spirituality is childlikeness. We follow Christ’s words:

“Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:4)