Community Life

In our striving to mirror the Blessed Mother, we become a family of little Marys. For Father Kentenich, the ideal of the “new community” is a community of persons who live in, with, and for one another – not next to one another. As sisters we strive to embody this ideal.

Living in One Another

Living in one another means

taking interest in each other and giving each other a home in our heart.

Living with One Another

Living with one another means

striving together to accomplish our common goals, our common tasks, our common mission.

Living for One Another

Living for one another means

giving each other mutual support, uplifting one another, and making sacrifices for each other.

Each one’s uniqueness contributes to the image of Mary we wish to reflect for our world. Wherever we go, whatever our work is, whether we live in community or stand alone at an extern post, we foster a sense of belonging together as a family.

Living together with others in community is a valuable support and protection for our vocation. It is a source of mutual enrichment and personality formation, just as one finds in a natural family. Those sisters who work and live alone due to their profession belong to a specific household and try to connect with the other sisters on a regular basis. Each sister, no matter where she resides, lives the same lifestyle, the same common life.

In our houses we have common times of prayer, meals together, shared times of recreation and relaxation, and common discussions. Our work for common projects and fields of apostolate also serves to unite us more deeply.