Time Off 2024

Life can be hectic and overwhelming at times. In the bustling pace of our daily routine, the quiet yearnings of our souls often go unheard.

Who am I? What is my mission in life? What does God want for me?

These are questions that we all ask ourselves at some point. And the “Time Off” program wants to give us a chance to find the answers.


  • A time to deepen our relationship with God and to discover the plan of love he has for our lives.
  • A time to get to know ourselves better, reflect on what truly matters to us, and find a renewed sense of purpose and direction.
  • A time to rest, to pray, to share with others, to have fun, to serve.
  • A time to renew ourselves so that we can go out again into a world that needs us.

June 1-14, 2024 (English)
July 16-29, 2024 (Spanish) – click here to register for the Spanish session

Help us to spread the word! Download the printable flyer here.