“Time Off”: A Time for You and for God

We live in a fast-paced world. Everything is fast, instant. And sometimes we don’t realize that our hearts don’t work that way… we need time and peace. Our souls long for something more, but the day-to-day consumes us. Many questions fill our minds, and we don’t know where to find the answers. Who am I? For what or for whom do I exist? What is my mission in life?

God is present and speaks to us. He himself wants to give us the answers. But when do we take the time, when do we give ourselves the space to listen to him?

This was precisely the goal of the “Time Off” program offered on June 6-20, 2023 at the International Schoenstatt Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

It was a time of encounter with God and oneself. A time to enter into the depths of the heart, grow, and refocus. A time to look upwards and discover the ideal – the star – that guides our personal mission. Also a time to rest, share, and have fun. A time of renewal in order to go out again into a world in need.

Vanessa Silva, from Monterrey, Mexico, shares about her experience:

We were a very diverse group. Seven young women from different countries who had the opportunity to live together at the International Center for two weeks. We were able to see ourselves as we really are and find the courage to talk about topics such as our vocation, how to listen to the voice of God, and how to love in today’s world. During our time together, we were surprised to realize that although each one lives a totally different reality we are all united in the same longing: to be authentic women, according to God’s plan.

We participated in workshops that taught us how to grow in our relationship to God and Mary, how to get to know ourselves, and how to discover our personal ideal. We had the opportunity to visit the different Schoenstatt Shrines in Wisconsin. We also walked through the streets of Waukesha, Milwaukee and Madison, and experienced together what it means to live in the midst of the world as an instrument of Mary.

The Sisters of Mary fostered a great unity among us and taught us how to live in a love-filled community, regardless of age, career, or vocation. They were mediators of an extremely enriching experience for the spiritual growth of each one of us. They were bridges to holiness, allowing themselves to be used as instruments to bring us ever closer to our Catholic faith and Schoenstatt spirituality.

The “Time Off” program will be offered again on July 16-29, 2024. Would you like to participate? Click here for more information.